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Everyone knows traffic is a key component to build a valuable, viable profit making website, and I’ve found an amazing source of FREE traffic. Perhaps a one time Freddie, or something that might happen more than once, depending on how much traffic comes as a result of this trial run and what the traffic does. Seriously, if I can max out some signups and generate serious cash from a quickie run of free traffic, I’ll market their website all day long to get results.

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There are a few things every marketer needs to know that come in handy when bringing in traffic from a random source. You need to know that most traffic arrives and clicks off your website within eight seconds. Think about it, if you’re the one riding the bull for eight seconds, that can seem like a long time, but if you’re in the stands watching (or own the website) that isn’t long enough to sell much, so your website had better offer a heck of a good ride for eight seconds. Of course, your objective is to keep the reader on your site for more than eight seconds. So, I’m going to give you a few quick tips to do just exactly THAT:

1 – Sub-headers and bullet points

Make sure you have some great points highlighted, something the reader wants to know, so they’ll keep reading. Make those stand out by making them bold, and maybe even larger than anything else on your website.

2 – Crisp, clear, and interesting graphics

You know they want to see pictures. So give them some. I’m not talking naked lady here, because most people don’t want to look at naked bodies, but if you have some great graphics, put them on the website and make them appealing. Give them relevance and maybe a great position on the page.

3 – Incredible content

Seriously, this isn’t rocket science. Put interesting to read, valuable content on your website, and show your reader why it’s valuable. If you have trouble doing that, or need some help, there are plenty of available writers online who will be happy to help you get that done. Just click the banner below to find one right now.Content

Once you have Free Traffic coming to your website, you’ll have to provide something for them to accomplish while there. If you need a landing page, or a page created to give your new traffic something of interest, I’ll be happy to help you accomplish that task. Click on the link below to purchase a great mini-site that you can build and grow to whatever you need it to be, and let’s get started.

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