The Best Business Owners All Agree:

The Fastest Way to Leverage Your Business Solutions to Success is to Hire a Coach to Focus Your Energy on Success Driven Projects and Results

Your success depends on your ability to focus, get the work done, and bring in well-defined results to your professional goals and efforts.

Let’s get started!

Dear Client –

You’re ready. You’ve made the decision to put your ideas to work, create solutions, and build your own rock solid business, knowing how much work it’s going to take, you’re still ready. You’re determined to succeed.

What you need right now, is a sounding board… Someone to keep you focused and moving in the right direction. You need someone to help you direct your marketing message to the right niche, and focus your busy schedule to achieving your goals.

When I mention that clients NEED a coach, they generally get defensive, “I can do this.” And, I realize that they believe they can do it on their own, because so many people ‘appear’ to be lone wolves out there acting on their own, making it work…

But appearances aren’t necessarily reality.

Most successful people have mentors, coaches who keep them focused, on target, and doing what they need to be doing to achieve their dreams. Most successful people hire a coach. Yeah, even me!

Tiger Woods hired a coach, football teams have coaches, big business moguls have coaches, and you should have a coach too.

I remember saving for more than a year to hire a coach… I’d been working hard, struggling, and knew I needed a high-performance, in-contact, personal coach to guide me as I built my business, and I paid this guy $2K a month for six months to teach me ‘everything I needed to know’ to be the expert in my industry. And it was worth every single penny I paid him. I would do it again in a heart beat. Because I learned one incredibly BIG lesson.

I learned that I didn’t need someone looking over my shoulder telling me how to do HIS business 24/7, because I wasn’t cut out to do HIS business. That was $12,000 down the drain. Literally, down the drain.

But I learned a lot of small lessons too:

  • how to apply critical thinking to business development
  • when to delegate tasks to others
  • what tasks to do myself because it’s MY business
  • why it’s important to offer solution based coaching programs to my market
  • who to market my business to – successfully


And these are the same kinds of lessons I will teach you, because without these lessons, you’re off on your own trying to learn how to do your business as you try to sell it. That process doesn’t work for long, because your buyers catch up.

You’re ready for this program. You need a mentor/coach who will help you achieve your goals, and you are ready to take your business to the next step.

Let’s do this!


Take a moment here and imagine tapping into more than three decades of successful leadership, mentorship, and coaching experience with a trend setting go-to-guru who created and produced marketing templates for more than 300 successful online marketing profiles, consistently achieves goal based initiatives with clients, and has successfully managed her own online business as a single parent of four children, now successful adults.

Secret: It won’t cost you $2,000 a month to do this!

Let’s consider for a moment, what the results might be when you have access to one of the foremost online marketers sitting at your table, brainstorming ways to bring your solutions to your market – applying your personal story to drive your success?

Can you see it?

What would it be worth to you, to have someone to review your concepts, brainstorm ideas, and assist you in the process of growing solution based marketing models for your business?

Do you think that might benefit your business? Perhaps, increase your profit margins?

Maybe, you’d be able to send your business off to a running start, with money in the bank at the end of the first month? Perhaps even have something on the table after the first week?

“Flaming enthusiasm, backed by horse sense and persistence, is the quality that most frequently makes for success.”
~ Dale Carnegie

Let’s start with some of the things that will happen during our sessions:

Skill SetsOne of the most significant things you’ll learn is how to brainstorm ideas, either with other people or on your own. I’ll help you with a process of brainstorming that will teach you how to put all your ideas together, apply them to your business, to your customer’s issues, and to use them to create viable solutions applicable to your business.

Product development programs, skills, and abilities to generate income producing solution based products your clients need, will use, and will share with others impacting your profit margins and growing your niche. I’ll help you to know whether you need to develop the product on your own or find an affiliate product to market through your business, fulfilling the needs of your client to solve their problems.

How to apply your knowledge, coaching, and skills to grow your business to make money online, make more income streams from your brick and mortar business, and specifically how to broaden your buyer base to increase your profit margins.

You’ll learn all of these and more with valuable interactive coaching and details that you can apply to your online business.

Purchase One hour of coaching – $197.00

Save money by purchasing Five Hours of coaching – $597.00