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As we contemplate current events, the realization that we – entrepreneurs – have a huge impact on the world around us and how our world functions. As team players building our own functional businesses, we form the foundation upon which the world operates. We are the basis of our nation, as part of the GNP, and we are the fundamental leaders of industrial change around the world. If we want something done, we go do it!leadership

Your business, your ability to be a business owner, and your dream of accomplishing something of great value, makes you one of the powerful elite, even if your business is small and run from home. YOU can impact the world around you for good, by simply doing what you do best.

3 things are required to achieve success in the professional world, and I’m going to get to the point and tell you exactly what they are and why here in just a second. But before I do, I want you to understand that YOU have the power to make this difference, to make an impact, and to CHANGE your world for the better. All that power is inside of you. You just have to use it.


The whole process of having your own business is at the basis of growing a stronger foundation as a nation. When you become stronger, a leader in your community, as a business owner, you help the nation become stronger, with a stronger foundation. Being a business owner makes you stronger in ways you may not really understand if you’re still ‘working for the other guy’.

Let’s get right to that discussion and I’ll explain the whole of why you SHOULD be a business owner. There are many reasons, but the biggest and most valuable reason is your impact on the world around you as you become the strong and incredibly powerful person you were meant to be.

#1 Requirement is Entrepreneurship

Business owners are free thinkers. They are apart from the mob, pulling ideas and innovation together for the sake of improving their world, growing successfully through original thought processes, uniquely creating products, services, and solutions used by the rest of the world. As an entrepreneur, you create jobs. If not in your own company, then you create jobs in companies that provide products and services to you, or in companies that you serve.

Because you are an entrepreneur, you will take on challenges that others believe to be impossible and make them not only possible, but active solutions that benefit other people.

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#2 Requirement is Finding Solutions

sculptured thinkerRegurgitated conventional knowledge, that usually coming from television, mass media, and often even through the educational system is not independent or critical thinking. Following along with the ‘usual crowd’ won’t take you anywhere other than where the masses are moving, and slowly at that, to get ahead and achieve something in life, you must learn to think beyond the typical, traditional thought processes that happen when a crowd congregates. Critical thinking brings innovative solutions to the forefront, makes them possibilities, and helps you figure out ways to implement the concepts that come to mind. Independent thinking says, “I can do this.” when the entire rest of the world is telling you that you can’t do this.

Be an independent thinker and consider all the options, then challenge yourself to achieve something greater, make something better, solve a problem, and share your solution. When you approach an issue using critical thinking, you determine the situation, find all options, and seek out the best option to solve the problem, or improve the situation.

One of my favorite stories, regarding critical thinking, is when my daughter was in college she was unable to work because she’d had mono during the summer prior to college. The rule was, no working, because it implied there would be hours of time spent working and she didn’t have the energy to both work and attend school. At the laundry one Saturday morning, several of her classmates were trying to figure out the process of running the washing machine. She offered to do their laundry – for $2 a load, while she washed her own. End of the day, she had $60 in her pocket, and had completed the laundry process for 30 classmates, who didn’t know how to do their laundry.

Many of them didn’t have $2, but they had $5 or $10, so they just paid her with what they had. The tips for the day outweighed the income, and she was feeling good. Word spread that she would do laundry for reasonable prices, and she would spend time sitting in the laundry room reading, doing other people’s laundry, and raking in college spending money, instead of staying in her room studying.

She didn’t have a job, and was spending the time studying, and making money, without really expending extra energy. She was happy, and she had money to spend. Critical thinking makes you smarter than the average ‘student’ because they don’t use independent thinking to solve their problems. The same can be said about most people, critical or independent thinking are not part of the process.

#3 Requirement is Tribal Leadership

“Birds flock. Fish school. People tribe.”

When you gather up a group of anything, some become leaders. They become leaders for a reason. Natural strength, emotional determination, physical power, intellectual ability, all come together to determine the ability of the leader, but more specifically, the leader determines the success of the tribe. When a tribe of people come together and bring up a leader, or appoint a leader, the leader becomes a structured power source, and encourages the tribe. If you’re not part of a tribe already, you’ll want to become part of a tribe and join forces with others, to accomplish your goals. Your success depends on becoming part of a tribe. Your tribes success depends on leaders.

geese fly

One person is not a continuous leader. This is a reality, and everyone has the power and knowledge to lead in various areas of your tribal community. Let me remind you of the story of the Geese Formation for flying…

geese take flightWhen geese fly south, they form a V or maybe even a couple of V’ formations, allowing older geese to fly near the back of the V where they can suck tailwind and be pulled along, allowing them to rest in flight. Stronger, younger geese take the front of the formation, leading the flock and moving from side to side giving even the strongest and fastest flying a break now and then. Those youngest geese, the strongest fliers are given the tag position behind the flock to watch and be certain no geese are left behind.

More reasons why geese are the perfect representatives for a life well lived:

  • They mate for life. When they are young, they mate for life, and a goose left behind never mates again.
  • They each provide for themselves. Each goose seeks food, flies under his own power, and lives within his (or her) means.
  • They live in the flock and nurture, care for, and encourage each other. Honking geese aren’t telling you to get out of way of their flight, they are encouraging the other geese to keep up, join in, have some fun.
  • When they travel, they travel in flocks. A flock of geese will eat together, fly together, and live together in a flock.
  • They know it takes a running start to lift off into flight, and they never give up. They try and try again, until they’re flying high above the earth, flapping their wings and soaring in the deep blue skies.
  • They understand that there is a lot of muck to hold them back, but they keep going until they take flight. They are determined.
  • Young and old, they stay together. You’ll never find a flock of just middle aged geese. They care for their aging, and they care for their young.

“Things are impossible until somebody does what another believes can’t be done.”
~Anthony Robbins

What is it you want to do? What would you like to achieve? Do you have dreams and goals that you’ve set into motion? Are you looking for a way to provide for your family during these economic times of struggle? What about replacing your job with a small business?

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